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The Indian Act: Teaching apartheid in Canada

by abnadmin

“When we study the relationship of Canada and indigenous people over the past 138 years, we are able to investigate big ideas like Confederation, the welfare state, global conflict, constitutional stress — all through the context of our colonial relationships in the 20th and 21st centuries. Ignoring this piece of legislation and the treaties signed […]

LitARTcity event April 11th

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City of Victoria Poet Laureate Janet Rogers and the Victoria READ Society invite you to attend LitARTcity, a collaborative poetry and performing arts event to celebrate National Poetry Month.   Enjoy performances by local poets, dancers and musicians. The event includes a cash bar and silent auction. Tickets are $22.50 and are available at […]

Kitimat residents say no to Northern Gateway pipeline

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KITIMAT — The residents of Kitimat have voted against the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project in a non-binding plebiscite. The ballot count from Saturday’s vote was 1,793 opposed versus 1,278 who supported the multibillion-dollar project — a margin of 58.4 per cent to 41.6 per cent ~Times Colonist   April 13, 2014 See more at: […]

What is Bill C-23? Electoral changes and why this concerns all Canadians.

by abnadmin

“It is essential to understand that the main challenge for our electoral democracy is not voter fraud, but voter participation. I do not believe that, if we eliminate vouching and the VIC as proof of address, we will have in any way improved the integrity of the voting process. However, we will have taken away […]

B.C.’s museum at the crossroads and the Kwakiutl hope

by abnadmin

Between 1850 and 1854, Vancouver Island Gov. James Douglas negotiated 14 treaties with local First Nations.   By Vancouver Sun January 25, 2014   Between 1850 and 1854, Vancouver Island Gov. James Douglas negotiated 14 treaties with local First Nations. Royal BC Museum CEO Jack Lohman was stunned when he found out the Victoria institution […]

Stop Canada’s abuse of Indigenous Peoples

by abnadmin

Canada’s appalling treatment of its Indigenous Peoples from the north to south will not change without international pressure. To have the worst record in the current treatment of Aboriginal Peoples among the developed world is nothing but shameful. The European Union should suspend the pending Free Trade deal until the Canadian government meets European Commission […]

The origin of Aboriginal Neighbours

by abnadmin

  Faith Magwood and Mavis Gillie   Reprinted with permission from an article in The Pew – March 2005   Double standards in North lead to fight for justice Mavis Gillie was “just exploding to do something” when she came back to Victoria in the mid-1970’s from the North West Territories where she had seen […]

Taylor David’s Healing Walk From Victoria To Ottawa

by abnadmin

Taylor David has set out on on March, 28th 2014 on a 4,600km healing walk for survivors, and non-survivors, of the residential school system. His walk will take him all the way from Victoria BC, Lekwungen Territories, to Ottawa aiming to reach Ottawa in time for the closing ceremonies of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  […]

Winds of Hope: Winds of Transformation

by admin

Alert Bay was crisp and clear on the morning of February 23rd (2003).  Nine members of the “Aboriginal Neighbours” gathered at the wharf to bear witness to a tenth member (Evelyn Voyageur) participate in a welcoming ceremony for the Lieutenant Governor, Iona Campanola, and, later, the Bishop of Columbia, Barry Jenks.  Evelyn, Chief Bill Cranmer, […]