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Lummi Totem Pole Journey

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10,000 kilometre Totem Pole Journey Unites Opposition to Fossil Fuel Threats in the Salish Sea Kwel Hoy’: A Totem Pole Journey VICTORIA – Master carver Jewell Praying Wolf James and other members of the Lummi Nation began the Canadian portion of a newly-carved totem pole’s journey from South Dakota to its new home near the […]

Cheam Fishing Village promotes calm on the river

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by  Greg Laychak – Chilliwack Times posted Aug 27, 2014 at 1:00 PM In recent years, the turbulent flow of the Fraser River has seen calmer spirits in those who fish its waters. For five years, the Fraser River Peacemakers have worked to bring stakeholders together to resolve conflict along the waterway. And more recently, […]

Cops: Missing, murdered aboriginal women not just police issue

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The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police has called on all levels of government Tuesday (Aug 26, 2014) to take immediate action to address the underlying issues that lead aboriginal women to be vulnerable to crime and violence. To read more click here:

Mount Polley mine tailings pond breach called environmental disaster

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A complete water ban affecting about 300 local residents is in effect after five million cubic metres of tailings pond effluent from the Mount Polley copper and gold mine was released early Monday into Hazeltine Creek. That’s an amount of water equivalent to about 2,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Local residents are calling it an environmental disaster. […]