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Indigenous Anglican youth point the way forward

by abnadmin

The tribulations of the past and present intermingled with hope for the future at Sacred Circle on Thursday, Aug. 19, as a new generation of Indigenous Anglicans stepped forward to address the ongoing issues faced by Indigenous communities across Canada. To read more:

Sno’uyutth Pole at Oak Bay High School

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The Community Association of Oak Bay Presents the Sno’uyutth Pole Project (pronounced “Sno-Wy-Uth”) Coast Salish for Spreading Good Energy” to be raised at Oak Bay High School. For thousands of years, the Lekwungen-speaking First Nation hunted, fished and foraged the lands of what is now known as Oak Bay. As a sign of reconciliation and respect […]

Ally Bill of Responsibilities (Lynne Gehl)

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1. Do not act out of guilt, but rather out of a genuine interest in challenging the larger oppressive power structures; 2. Understand that they are secondary to the Indigenous people that they are working with and that they seek to serve. They and their needs must take a back seat; copyright Lynn Gehl […]

Twenty-five years since Oka: Will it happen again?

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Twenty-five years since Oka: Will it happen again? Will Braun, Prairie Messenger, 07/15/2015 It’s been a full generation since the scorching summer of 1990 when the military faced off against Mohawk Warriors in the pine forest between the village of Oka and the community of Kanehsatake near Montreal. The 78-day armed siege was the most violent and consequential […]