This is from the Weekly Indigenous News Digest that comes from the Anglican Church of the Redeemer, Toronto. It is full of “hot off the press” links around the TRC Final Report and Reconciliation.


First Nations Financial Transparency Act: Liberals Halt Punitive Measures and


Shoal Lake 40 to finally get long-awaited Freedom Road

——————————————————————————————————————————————- TRC IS CLOSED BUT LINKS ARE THERE AS WELL AS ON REDEEMER SITE 

including the read aloud version



Children in residential schools died escaping abuse


New details about missing children in TRC final report


Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report: By the numbers


United Church Welcomes TRC Final Report


TRC final report closes legal phase but begins new reconciliation phase


Murray Sinclair’s remarks on the Truth and Reconciliation report


Final report points to ‘growing crisis’ for indigenous youth


Murray Sinclair: Time to right the wrongs of the past on First Nations education


Will truth bring reconciliation? Justice Murray Sinclair says not without education


Reconciliation with First Nations the start of ‘something special


After the TRC — Citizen Engagement:

An Interview with Commissioner Marie Wilson (PART II)


Statement by Prime Minister: Link and transcribed below

Trudeau lays out plan for new relationship with indigenous people –


KAIROS Chooses to Commit to Reconciliation:


Truth and reconciliation, one step at a time


5 stories of residential school escapees who died


Harper government obstructed search for children who died in residential schools


On being in this world without wanting it


‘Things are moving very fast,’


PM meets with Indigenous leaders


NWAC to partake in historic meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau


Here’s how you can help new Canadians understand their role in reconciliation


National Chief Expresses Need for a Nation-to-Nation Approach in Engagement Strategies with First Nations


Inuit leaders call for healing and education


First Nations spending promises could worsen fiscal crunch


Will Canadians be as generous to First Nations as they are to Syrian refugees?



PM Trudeau’s words leave TRC commissioners cautiously optimistic


Taking the first steps on the road to reconciliation


It’s time for First Nations to look within



Series of essays from 2014 on reconciliation


Community leaders meet in Regina to discuss church’s role in reconciliation


How to read the TRC and what to read next


A New Agape Resource Binder – Anglican Church of Canada


The Forum, Reconciliation: Healing the Nation


Renowned activist examines impacts of settler-colonialism



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